Brent Cross

We build stages so you can build worlds.
Build worlds, host crowds, set up base! Meant for larger-than-life shows and events, our Brent Cross Studios can flex to accommodate any type of set-up, from fashion shows to film shoots, capacious conferences to immersive experiences.
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Main stage

Our largest stage, Brent Cross Studios makes space for the unimaginable. Fully flexible, sound-proofed, and insulated, the main stage is a sweeping blank canvas with an industrial aesthetic and easy access to our on-site production offices and workshops.

Production OFFICES

Brent Cross Studios' fully furnished, on-site production offices give your teams space to create and collaborate – or maybe just catch a break – in comfort.


No need to bring it over! Build it here. Our flexible workshops let you weld, paint, saw, and assemble on site and in peace.


Our spaces can flex to every type of set, shoot, launch or live event. Explore our spaces below and the facilities available within them.